Future of ComicTagger and ComicStreamer

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Future of ComicTagger and ComicStreamer Empty Future of ComicTagger and ComicStreamer

Post  ComicTagger on Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:29 pm

Hi to all,

I'm Davide Romanini, Tony Beville shared with me the "ownership" of this forum. He cannot work much on the projects any more so he asked me to keep them alive someway.
Finding free time for this is always a challenge these days. Furthermore there's a difference from hacking some ugly script and maintaining a serious piece of open source project, the latter is more involving!
The nice part is that we are still in a sort of "greenfield" area for this kind of software. Comic viewers / organizers are just a few. Tag writing is supported only by ComicRack (and only for cbz if I remember correctly). So there is a lot of innovation we can do in comic management!

Some ideas I'd like to work on:

  • unique metadata format. ComicTagger started as a means to leverage existing tagging format. Practically ComicInfoXml is the most useful and supported. ComicBookInfo too is almost always supported and I pretty much like the idea of storing it in the archive comment. I think it's time to create something new, extending the original ideas and converge all in a unique, rich metadata format for digital comics.

  • table of contents. Actually there is no way to describe the "contents" of a comic book. Many of my comics contain several stories in a single issue. I'd like to fix this and add more metadata for this purpose.

  • comicstreamer. I'm working on a mostly-rewritten prototype of CS. I started it mainly as an experiment for a "cloud" edition, indexing and streaming cbz directly from gdrive, dropbox, etc but it could be a good start for a next generation of the project.
  • ...

So we are still here. Progress is slow but we hope to keep things moving, eventually.
Stay tuned.

Best regards,

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