Moving and renaming cominfo.xml

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Moving and renaming cominfo.xml Empty Moving and renaming cominfo.xml

Post  cosmos1012 on Tue May 05, 2015 12:56 pm

Is there a way to save the .xml file to the folder where the .cbr/cbz is located under the name of the file.

For instance say I have

C:\Users\Tor\Desktop\Comics\Image\Saga\Saga #1.cbr

I tag the file with comictagger and it saves the comicinfo.xml file with all the metadata in the rar(zip) compressed file of Saga #1.cbr.

instead of saving the comicinfo.xml file in the rar(zip) archive can I have it saved in the Saga folder (C:\Users\Tor\Desktop\Comics\Image\Saga)

Also can I have the .xml file save under the name "Saga #1.xml" instead of the default "comicinfo.xml".

Sorry if this is a weird question but it would help with my auto weekly comic organizer i am setting up.


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